Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enjoying the permitting!

We are so ready for summer at our house! The boys want to be outside every minute that I'll let them, who cares if it's only 40 degrees and raining! We have made the most of the occasional nice weather, though. Here and some pictures of what they've been up to. Most of them are a month or so old because I've been a major blog slacker...but here they are!

We got this new swingset and after about a month of assembly, it is finally completed! Poor Joe, he was wrapping up busy season at work, studying for the CPA and had to come home every night and work on the swingset ... notice he's still in his work clothes! The boys loved to be out there "helping" but we can all guess how helpful that really was!

But the long wait paid off because the love it!

They always want to eat their lunch outside, here's Sam and Jacob (one of the boys that I babysit) enjoying a sunny day. Andrew had to eat on the patio table because there wasn't room on the picnic table.
We got this bike for Sam at a garage sale last fall and he's been so excited to try it out once the weather got nice. I was amazed that he just jumped right on and took off. He especially loves having the elbow and knee pads, although he has requested a pad for his bum too!
Andrew is always trying to keep up with his big brother! Hopefully the sunny weather will come and stay a little longer because we are so sick of being couped up in the house! Our big project once the weather will allow is to paint our house....FINALLY!!! Stay posted, I hope to post pictures soon....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mama's Boy

I hadn't loaded the pictures from our camera to our computer in like two months, I was finally doing that today and I saw this picture for the first time...

What a sweetheart! He is such a cuddly and loving boy, I can't believe how big he is getting!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He's got a way with words...

This morning we decided to tell Sam that I am pregnant and try to explain to him what that means. We explained how there's a baby in mommy's tummy, which is why I've been sick so much lately, that it's really small now but will get bigger and so will my tummy...then we'll have a new baby brother or sister in several months.

He had a very contemplative look on his face and then said, simply, "Huh, that's strange."

Then he went right on eating his cereal.