Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tooth Drama

After school today the kids were out playing on the swingset, enjoying a short break in the rain. After a little while, I heard hysterically screaming coming from the backyard. I was sure that someone had died! Sam came charging into the house with his hand over his mouth and nose and blood streaming through his fingers. It took some convincing, but I was finally able to pry his hand away and saw that he had knocked out his front tooth and had a pretty good bloody nose. When he saw the blood all over his hand he totally lost it again! Andrew was next to him, also crying hysterically, I think that he though that Sam was dying. He kept saying, "Oh no, Sam has lots of blood!" Abby was standing by, very calmly saying "Oh, Sam got an owie!"

Once I got him cleaned up a bit, they both started calming down. We went out to the backyard to search for the tooth. Andrew found it in the grass, he knew right where to look. He was the hero!

Several hours later, when he was past the drama of it all, I finally got him let me take a picture. I told him he looked cute/cool with his tooth gone, but he didn't want to look in the mirror. When he finally did, he came out and said, "Mom, you're right. I do look pretty cute!"

It was an exciting and emotional afternoon! But, now the tooth is finally out. Now I don't have to bug him about wiggling it anymore!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Big Move!!

In preparation for the new baby, Joe moved the boys to their new bedroom downstairs!  My bedrest situation threw a wrench in my painting and decorating plans...I guess that'll have to wait for awhile! But, at least they are moved and the room upstairs is freed up for the baby. The boys were so excited about the change! They chose to have side by side beds instead of the bunkbed set up. We'll see how the sleeping part goes...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Toes!

I got out of the shower this morning and was immediately aware of the distinct smell of fingernail polish...and it was very strong! I found Abby in the living room painting her toenails ON THE CARPET!!!

Luckily, she's pretty careful and kept it mostly on her feet and clothes...only a few drops found their way to the carpet. She was so proud of herself, I just couldn't be too hard on her!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Leprechaun Trap

We have never really gotten into St. Patrick's Day at our house, but this year my boys found out about Leprechaun traps and had to try it out! Andrew came home from playing at his friend Joshua's house and told us all about what he'd learned there. So, the boys set out to make their own trap. They designed and decorated it all by themselves, I was impressed! It was fun to watch them think it through and figure out how to catch one of the little green guys :-)

Unfortunately, when they woke up in the morning they found out that the Leprechauns are pretty clever and managed to escape...but they did leave some "treasure" and goodies behind! It was fun for them, maybe next year we can improve on the design and catch one!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mommy and Andrew Date

We like to do mommy/daddy dates with the kiddos so that we can spend some on one time with each one. That, of course, has gotten a little bit tricky for me to do since I can't leave the couch :). But, I noticed over the last week or so that Andrew's nerves have been wearing thin with going so many different places and decided that he needed  a mommy date! So, instead of going with Abby to the Osborn's house to play this morning, I gave him the option to stay home and hang out with me. He was thrilled! The only rule was that we would find something fun to do together, not just watch more TV all morning.

Before Joe left for work, I had him pull out a box of miscellaneous craft stuff which I thought might keep us busy. Also, a friend from the ward knew about the planned "date" so she brought over a few other little games and project ideas. She helped me move the piano bench over next to the couch and arrange things as well as possible so that I could help without having to get up. It turned out to be a really fun morning. He made some cute little projects and mixed in some games while we were waiting for glue to dry.

Here are a couple of shots of him working on his projects. The first was a treasure chest that he drew (with my help) then filled with sequins for treasure and later colored in and cut out.

This is his "big eye" monster. he drew and designed him all by himself, I was very impressed!

It was two hours well spent! He made a huge mess and totally wore me out (sad, huh!) but he is the happiest he has been in days, possibly weeks! I love my Andrew!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

We love Grandpa!

Last night my dad was in the neighborhood so he stopped by for a quick surprise visit. Of course, it was just as the kids were going to bed...
Nothing like a visit from Grandpa to get them all riled up and hyper! They love to play with Grandpa!!