Saturday, October 23, 2010

Future Chef

The other night I told Andrew that we were having nachos for dinner. He thought for a minute (trying to remember if that was something he liked) then said, "Oh yah, I wike dat!" Then he went on to tell me how to make the nachos, in case I couldn't remember. Here are his instructions:

"You just take some cheese, cook it in da freezer, den you put some ketchup wit it and you have nachos!"

Mmmmm, sounds tasty! Who said you need chips for nachos? And ketchup goes with EVERYTHING, right?

While I'm thinking of it, Andrew has been on a roll lately, always making me laugh. Here's another funny Andrew story...

We were driving somewhere as a family and Sam started whining and complaining about something. Andrew looked and him and said sternly, "Sam you a big boy. Act wike a big boy!" It's always funny (and sometimes a little scary) to hear my own words that I repeat a thousand times a day, coming out of the mouth of a three year old.

He is quite a little character and keeps us on our toes!

Our Kindergartener

Sam started kindergarten this year and I'm just getting around to posting the pictures! But, here is a glimpse of his first day!

This is a "self portrait." It was his first homework assignment that was due on the first day. He was so excited about it! He even designed it to look like his favorite shirt that is yellow with a soccer ball on the front...but the stars and pom poms were an added bonus!

Sam and mommy outside his school. I still can't believe my baby is so grown up!

Here he is at his table, checking out his new classmates...

Joe left work so that he could be there for Sam's first day also.
Sam loves school and is doing so well. He has a great teacher and is making friends. I'm so proud of him and all that he is learning!

She may never forgive me!

...but there's nothing cuter than a baby in the bathtub! These pictures just had to be shared!

She loves her baths!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We're exhausted...but we're HOME!!!

We just got back this afternoon from a trip to visit Joe's family in Virginia. It was a GREAT trip and we had tons of fun...but we are pooped! I'm going to work on getting pictures posted here soon (since I've taken off the last two months, thanks for the reminder Amanda :-) I figured this would be a good time to pick it up again!) but for now...I think this one sums up how we all feel tonight....
He couldn't even make it through his snack on the airplane without falling asleep! He was so tired!