Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Raise your hand if....WHAT???

I have a funny/sweet story to share, but first I have to explain. First, when Joe's out of town (like this week) he always gives the boys a talk about being extra helpful and doing what they're told so that I can rest. Sam, especially, takes this very seriously.

Second, one of their favorite games to play at mealtimes is the "raise your hand game." One of them will say something like, "Raise your hand if you like chocolate," or "Raise your hand if you want to play Wii after dinner!" You get the idea. Then, everyone who agrees raises their hands and it's someone else's turn to make the statement.

Okay, so the other night at dinner we were having pizza. Someone from the ward brought a Papa Murphy's pizza so I was taking it out of the oven, getting a stack of paper plates, and setting out a bag of salad to have with it. That's about as much "cooking" as I'm supposed to be doing these days. I brought those things over and sat down at the table with the kids as they were playing their little game. When I sat down it was Sam's turn and he said, "Raise your hand if you think Mom is taking good care of our new baby sister." Then he made an exaggerated show of NOT raising his hand and gave me a dirty look. The other kids were confused and put their hands down with questioning looks, not willing to disagree with Sam. I was also confused...and maybe a little hurt. I asked him why he thought that I wasn't taking good care of her. "Because, Mom, you have been standing up too much tonight! You're supposed to be laying down to keep her safe!"

I thought that was very sweet. He was genuinely concerned about it and that was the way he could communicate that with me. Plus, it's good for me to have someone to remind me if I start to do too much. When I told Joe about it, he laughed and said, "Good boy, I told him to look out for you!" What would I do with my Sam?!?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

These are a few of their favorite things...

Life around our house has changed a lot over the past month or so since I started bedrest. But, it's not all bad. We've discovered some new hobbies and activities to occupy our time.

Sam pointed out one day that when I lay on the couch and ask them to do things that it's "kinda like you're the Queen and I'm your servant!" That comment actually made me feel terrible until I realized that he thought it was fun! Now, when it's time for them to help clean up or do chores he'll say, "Mom, let's play the servant game!" It's become a favorite game of his.

We've also played some pretty fun games of balloon volleyball/keep long as someone else will blow up the balloon, I just don't have the lung capacity these days!

Probably my favorite thing to watch (I don't get to participate in this one) is the dance parties. They were recently introduced to the music of  "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat"...and they can't get enough!! They'll put that on and just go crazy with the dance moves. I've gotten some great videos, but I really don't have the patience to download them on here, so it probably won't happen :-) When I've had enough and just can't take hearing those songs one more time, they'll take it downstairs and turn it on EVEN LOUDER! I've even heard them assigning parts and "acting out" the story. It's very fun, I love that they get so excited about music, but I wasn't quite prepared to answer when they came upstairs and asked, "Mom, what does free love mean?" Good 'ol Potipher's wife... :-}

Andrew is spending a lot of time at friends houses. He is constantly talking about all of his new best friends. It's very cute, I love it that he finally has his own friends, not just sharing Sam's.

Abby has discovered her love of clothes...she loves having the freedom to pickout her own clothes each morning...and mid morning...and after nap...and an evening outfit. She's gotten very good at dressing herself! That new skill is good and bad, she goes through way more outfits in a day than I would ever let her get away with! Here are a few of her concoctions...

And, finally, not a new pastime for us but one that his increased about a hundred-fold is reading stories! I love reading to them and am glad for the forced couch time so that I have more opportunity to snuggle up with them and a book...BUT...I wish they would branch out and choose different books once in awhile! We end up reading the same 2 or 3 books over and over and over and over... :-)

Fun with Friends!

One of the things that has saved my sanity since I've been on bedrest is all of the friends who have come and taken my kids for playdates each week. Seriously, I don't know how we'd be surviving without them! Here are some pictures from one of their favorite places to play...

Abby, especially, loves playing at Grant's house and looks forward to it all week! They always come home with stories of the fun things and projects that they got to do. When all of this is over and we have a new baby, they are going to be totally bored with me! It's such a blessing to have good friends who are constantly looking out for us right now. Five weeks of bedrest down, hopefully only another six weeks to go and the doctor said (if all is well and stable) I can start getting up and moving around a bit more. Almost halfway!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Circus mix up

For Christmas we got a gift certificate to the Best Of Broadway series that shows at the performing arts center downtown. When we looked at the shows coming, we decided to use it to take the boys to a show called the Shanghai Circus. After I was put on bedrest, we just bought three tickets so that Joe and the boys could go and have a fun daddy date. The boys were so excited, not just to spend the afternoon with daddy, but about the show as well. I showed them pictures online so they'd know what to expect and they couldn't wait! Well, this afternoon they headed downtown for the show. A little while later, I got a call from Joe asking where the show was being held because he was at the performing arts center and there was something else going on. The person at the Will Call desk didn't have a clue what show he was talking about. I got on the computer and looked it up and found out that the show was actually LAST saturday! Somehow, I'd gotten the wrong date in my head for the show and sent them a week late! I felt TERRIBLE and wanted to cry! The boys were very disappointed so Joe took them to the children's museum downtown instead.

They, of course, got over the initial disappointment of not seeing the circus pretty quickly once they got to the museum and ended up having a great time! I, on the other hand, still feel awful and a little sick about the mix up. Seriously, where is my brain these days?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines from Grandma!

Last night we went over the G&G Olson's for Sunday dinner. Grandma had Valentine's surprises for the grandkids. They each got a new shirt and a stuffed dog along with some other goodies.

They all LOVED their shirts so much and couldn't wait to wear them today! Sam's reaction to his shirt was especially cute, he was almost speechless he was so excited! Thanks Grandma!

The New Bathroom

After almost four years in our house, we finally built a second bathroom! Joe started it in October and completed the last few finishing touches on New Years Eve. It was a combined effort between Joe, contractors and friends helping us out, but it's finally done!

It is done just in time to move the boys to the downstairs bedroom to make room for this baby! Now, if we could just get that bedroom cleared out and painted...Joe's got his work cut out for him!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Joe!

Last night we celebrated Joe's birthday with some friends. Originally, we'd been planning to have a few people over to play games to celebrate Joe's birthday. But, when I got put on bedrest we decided that we'd have to cancel the plans. When I called to let people know the situation, the Cotton's offered to host the party at their house for us! It was so generous of them! So, the "party" happened afterall. It was pretty low-key...good friends, food and fun. When we were getting ready to leave (the kids stayed home with a babysitter) Andrew was very concerned to see me up off the couch and going somewhere. He reminded me that I was supposed to be laying down...several times! I assured him that I was just going to a friend's house and that I would lay down when I got there. Good thing he's here to look out for me! So, I got to hang out on someone's else's couch for a change and Joe got to play his new game (Munchkin). Luckily, someone found my camera and snapped a few pictures because I never remember to do that. Here are a few shots...

Getting ready to sing to the birthday boy...

A very unflattering picture of me :-(

More of the crowd singing Happy Birthday...

Thursday was Joe's actual birthday. We got clearance from the doctor for me to go out to eat with the family, a special treat! We went to Texas Roadhouse with Danny and Jessi and my parents and had a yummy dinner. We even got to see Joe sit on the birthday saddle while they all sang to him! After that, we had to hurry back because Sam had his school program. Joe went to the program with G&G and the boys while Danny brought the two pregnant ladies and the two "babies" home. After everyone was back from the program we had birthday cake (an ice cream cake from Cold Stone...YUM!) and Joe got to open his presents.

This is a puzzle that Joe got on his mission and wanted to preserve. He got a giftcard for the frame from his parents for Christmas. I did the "labor" which means I picked out the frame, mod podged the puzzle and found someone to help me cut a mat to fit. Luckily, I got most of that done before bedrest. It turned out pretty great!
Joe claims that he is now in his mid-thirties and is well on his way to middle aged. But is 32 really mid-thirties? I don't think so, we'll give it another year or two for that label. Either way, it was a fun week. Thanks to all who made it possible for us to celebrate and enjoy the occasion while I'm on so many restrictions. We have the best family and friends!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I got Mommy's seat!

Since I've been on bedrest I've made a little nest for myself in the living room. It is fully stocked with books, remotes, laptop, crosswords, and various other things to keep me somewhat occupied. The other day I got up from my home on the couch to make a quick trip to the commode. When I got back, Abby had taken over my spot and was pretty happy about it!

She thought she was pretty funny! And of course, when Sam heard the camera turn on, he had to get in on the picture action too!

So, there you have it. There's a little glimpse of where I spend my entire day. Looks like fun, huh?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The dreaded "B" word

The last week and half have been interesting ones at our house. Last week, we found out that there were some problems developing with my pregnancy. Not with the baby, she's healthy and growing just fine. The problems are with me and my ability to carry the pregnancy full term. The doc put lots of restrictions on me and said to be careful and he'd check me again in a week. I was VERY careful for the next week and went to see the doc again on Tuesday. Well, things had gotten worse. Not drastically worse but enough that I am now on bedrest. Ugh. That means I have to be laying down all day except for short periods of time like meals and other essential activities. No going anywhere except the doctor. For the next 10 weeks. Sound like fun? Oh, and did I mention that Joe is out of town? Like I said, it's been an interesting week! Luckily, I have amazing family and friends who have rallied round to help me out. Thanks everyone!

This isn't unfamiliar territory for me, but that last time I had to do bedrest I only one child and we were living in my parents basement. This will be a little different.

So, I imagine I'll be posting on here more in the next few months...using the laptop is one of the things that I can do safely from the couch!