Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Circus mix up

For Christmas we got a gift certificate to the Best Of Broadway series that shows at the performing arts center downtown. When we looked at the shows coming, we decided to use it to take the boys to a show called the Shanghai Circus. After I was put on bedrest, we just bought three tickets so that Joe and the boys could go and have a fun daddy date. The boys were so excited, not just to spend the afternoon with daddy, but about the show as well. I showed them pictures online so they'd know what to expect and they couldn't wait! Well, this afternoon they headed downtown for the show. A little while later, I got a call from Joe asking where the show was being held because he was at the performing arts center and there was something else going on. The person at the Will Call desk didn't have a clue what show he was talking about. I got on the computer and looked it up and found out that the show was actually LAST saturday! Somehow, I'd gotten the wrong date in my head for the show and sent them a week late! I felt TERRIBLE and wanted to cry! The boys were very disappointed so Joe took them to the children's museum downtown instead.

They, of course, got over the initial disappointment of not seeing the circus pretty quickly once they got to the museum and ended up having a great time! I, on the other hand, still feel awful and a little sick about the mix up. Seriously, where is my brain these days?

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