Tuesday, February 28, 2012

These are a few of their favorite things...

Life around our house has changed a lot over the past month or so since I started bedrest. But, it's not all bad. We've discovered some new hobbies and activities to occupy our time.

Sam pointed out one day that when I lay on the couch and ask them to do things that it's "kinda like you're the Queen and I'm your servant!" That comment actually made me feel terrible until I realized that he thought it was fun! Now, when it's time for them to help clean up or do chores he'll say, "Mom, let's play the servant game!" It's become a favorite game of his.

We've also played some pretty fun games of balloon volleyball/keep away...as long as someone else will blow up the balloon, I just don't have the lung capacity these days!

Probably my favorite thing to watch (I don't get to participate in this one) is the dance parties. They were recently introduced to the music of  "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat"...and they can't get enough!! They'll put that on and just go crazy with the dance moves. I've gotten some great videos, but I really don't have the patience to download them on here, so it probably won't happen :-) When I've had enough and just can't take hearing those songs one more time, they'll take it downstairs and turn it on EVEN LOUDER! I've even heard them assigning parts and "acting out" the story. It's very fun, I love that they get so excited about music, but I wasn't quite prepared to answer when they came upstairs and asked, "Mom, what does free love mean?" Good 'ol Potipher's wife... :-}

Andrew is spending a lot of time at friends houses. He is constantly talking about all of his new best friends. It's very cute, I love it that he finally has his own friends, not just sharing Sam's.

Abby has discovered her love of clothes...she loves having the freedom to pickout her own clothes each morning...and mid morning...and after nap...and an evening outfit. She's gotten very good at dressing herself! That new skill is good and bad, she goes through way more outfits in a day than I would ever let her get away with! Here are a few of her concoctions...

And, finally, not a new pastime for us but one that his increased about a hundred-fold is reading stories! I love reading to them and am glad for the forced couch time so that I have more opportunity to snuggle up with them and a book...BUT...I wish they would branch out and choose different books once in awhile! We end up reading the same 2 or 3 books over and over and over and over... :-)


Melissa Osborn said...

How stinkin cute! I love that she is all girl, but can play rough with her brothers. :)

Wowowolfie said...

I love little girl outfits! Its so cute seeing their personality coming out!