Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Joe!

Last night we celebrated Joe's birthday with some friends. Originally, we'd been planning to have a few people over to play games to celebrate Joe's birthday. But, when I got put on bedrest we decided that we'd have to cancel the plans. When I called to let people know the situation, the Cotton's offered to host the party at their house for us! It was so generous of them! So, the "party" happened afterall. It was pretty low-key...good friends, food and fun. When we were getting ready to leave (the kids stayed home with a babysitter) Andrew was very concerned to see me up off the couch and going somewhere. He reminded me that I was supposed to be laying down...several times! I assured him that I was just going to a friend's house and that I would lay down when I got there. Good thing he's here to look out for me! So, I got to hang out on someone's else's couch for a change and Joe got to play his new game (Munchkin). Luckily, someone found my camera and snapped a few pictures because I never remember to do that. Here are a few shots...

Getting ready to sing to the birthday boy...

A very unflattering picture of me :-(

More of the crowd singing Happy Birthday...

Thursday was Joe's actual birthday. We got clearance from the doctor for me to go out to eat with the family, a special treat! We went to Texas Roadhouse with Danny and Jessi and my parents and had a yummy dinner. We even got to see Joe sit on the birthday saddle while they all sang to him! After that, we had to hurry back because Sam had his school program. Joe went to the program with G&G and the boys while Danny brought the two pregnant ladies and the two "babies" home. After everyone was back from the program we had birthday cake (an ice cream cake from Cold Stone...YUM!) and Joe got to open his presents.

This is a puzzle that Joe got on his mission and wanted to preserve. He got a giftcard for the frame from his parents for Christmas. I did the "labor" which means I picked out the frame, mod podged the puzzle and found someone to help me cut a mat to fit. Luckily, I got most of that done before bedrest. It turned out pretty great!
Joe claims that he is now in his mid-thirties and is well on his way to middle aged. But is 32 really mid-thirties? I don't think so, we'll give it another year or two for that label. Either way, it was a fun week. Thanks to all who made it possible for us to celebrate and enjoy the occasion while I'm on so many restrictions. We have the best family and friends!

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