Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Little Super Heroes

We are going through a super hero phase at our house right now. I pulled out this old cape that I had when I was a kid and gave it to Sam a couple of weeks ago and he's barely taken it off since. He even insisted on wearing it when we went grocery shopping last week. He got lots of attention from people because, let's admit it, he looked dang cute and people couldn't help but commenting! He also likes the movie "The Incredibles" and calls me "Mommy Incredible". We'll go through whole meals where he insists on putting Incredible in front of everyone's names and won't answer me if I don't do the same for him. Pretty funny! We found these old superman PJ's that used to be Sam's and now fit Andrew which makes it even more fun, especially at bedtime. Sam gets way more excited about it than Andrew (like he knows what's really going on, he just knows that his big brother is excited so something cool must be happening, that's enough to make him happy!) Joe or I will carry Andrew and we'll "fly" around the house, capes trailing behind us. Okay, so Joe and I don't have our own capes (too bad) we just tuck blankets into the backs of our shirts, but you get the idea! Here are some more pictures of our super heroes in action...

Even superman gets sad sometimes...

...but he recovers quickly!

(Oh, and Andrew is walking everywhere now, he's been going for a couple of weeks, I've really got to get some video of it, it's so cute!)

Little boys are so much fun!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Running Update

Okay, so probably most of you don't give a hoot about my running, but bear with me on this one. This is my obessission right now, so thought that I'd add a post, even though it's way more fun to see cute pictures of the boys and hear what they are up to. Sorry, guys, this one's just about me!

The half marathon is two weeks from today. This morning we went on our longest run yet, 12 miles for me (a little more than that for my friends since they live in a different neighborhood). I can't help but think about how 6 months ago I would have thought that 12 miles was a little too long for a bike ride, it never would have even crossed my mind that I'd be running that distance. It's an amazing sense of accomplishment. When I started running it was to pump up my workouts and get me past the weight-loss plateau that I'd hit. Well, it's definately done that, but I never expected that I would love it this much. Hmm, love, that's a strong word, it's kind of a love/hate relationship. I love pushing myself to my limits and looking back and saying, "Wow, I did that when I used to think it was impossible, what else am I capable of?" I hate...well...the hurts to push yourself that hard!

So, next week we'll take it easier and let our bodies recover and get ready for the race. Then it's the real thing. I'm excited to do it and to have it behind me so that I can have my Saturdays back. Since we started doing long runs on the weekends, the rest of the day is shot because I can't move! Although, I took some advice from my aunt and this week, after getting home from my run, I soaked in a cold (and I mean ICE COLD) bath for 10 minutes. Ouch, that hurt for the first minute (or 47 seconds, Judy said she has timed it and that's how long it takes for your legs to go numb) but I can already feel that it's helping. Okay, that was probably too much info, sorry.

Well, thanks for indulging my addiction. Now you have a little glimpse of what is on my mind ALL OF THE TIME!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Moments

Life at our house has been pretty ordinary lately so I haven't had much to post, so I thought that I would just post some random unrelated pictures that I thought were cute. Here you go!

Andrew has discovered climbing which brings with it a whole new level of independence and trouble-making. Apparently, this day he didn't get enough breakfast because he was helping himself to more as soon as I got him down from the table!

Sam likes to use his sidewalk chalk to create murals on the floor of the unfinished room in our basement. This particular day he had me lay down so that he could draw my outline. I was pretty impressed with his work! But is my head really that small?

This is Andrew's favorite cupboard to play in because there's bowls to stack and re-stack and there's enough room that he can climb all the way in and close the door. We (meaning Joe) just had to repair the cupboard door because he was hanging on it so much the he pulled the screws out of the hinges. Now, if I could only get Joe to put up the child locks...

And here is Sam just looking adorable. He used to hate the camera and would look away (or run away) whenever he saw me pull it out but now he's becoming quite the cheeser!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Ripe Peaches, Sick Babies and a Cool Scar!

That about sums up my last few days. Andrew was up Tuesday and Wednesday nights with a crazy high temperature. We first discovered that he was sick Tuesday night at about 11:00PM. Joe went in to close his window so that he wouldn't get too cold during the night (that's our nightly routine now because it is getting soooo stinking cold at night, not that I'm complaining, anyway, back to the story.) He was in there moaning and tossing around and looked up when he heard someone come in. He was burning up! At that point his temp was 105.4 and he was miserable. Of course, we got on the phone with the after-hours line for our pediatrician, which is actually just the pediatric triage (sp?) nurse at one of the hospitals. After a dose of Motrin and a 20-minute luke-warm bath (which, btw he hated because he just wanted to be sleeping!) the temp came down to about 103.5. The nurse said to keep him on the motrin, watch him closely and call the doc in the morning. So, that was a long night. He woke up apparently fine the next morning so we thought he was over it, whatever it was. We asked my mom to come over that night to babysit so that we could go on a much overdue date. Well, by bedtime he was burning up again and miserable, and that was with Motrin already in his system. Poor Kid! Another long night, even with the medicine, his temp was pushing 104 all night. I took him to the doc Thursday and, wouldn't cha' guess, his temp was 97.8. Typical! The doc was still concerned though to have such a high temp with no other symptoms and he started talking about things that present that way such as Meningitis, bacteria in the blood and urinary tract infections. Yah, that's a good way to freak a mom out! He gave me a list of symptoms and said that if he develops any one of those or a combination along with the temp to bring him to the office or the ER if it's after hours. Scary! Thankfully, his temp last night at bedtime was only 100, no problems during the night and he woke up this morning just fine. Prayers are answered! We'll still watch him closely but I think that it was just a bug that's now about out of his system.

Of course, the stress of having a sick and miserable kid who just wants to be held all of the time for three days straight wasn't enough. I also had 2 cases of tomatoes and 3 cases of peaches that were ripe and needed to be canned .... immediately! (Sigh...) Oh, and then on Tuesday morning our garage door jumped track after Joe pulled out to go to work, that was a little scary. So, my car was held hostage until the repair man came and fixed it, not that I was really planning on going many places, but it still added to the craziness of the day. Not an easy combination, but I survived (and so did my sick baby and most of the peaches and tomatoes). I did end up throwing the last 1/2 case of peaches in the freezer (nicely peeled and sliced, I wasn't that desperate!) because I couldn't bring myself to do another batch of jars that day. Joe thinks that I'm crazy for canning. I think that's it's very fulfilling and helps me feel a little more self-sufficient. It would have been cooler if it was stuff that had come out of my own garden, but not this year! I still have one case of pears to go and they are just starting to be ripe enough so I'll have to start those today or tomorrow. But then that's it, for this year!

As for the scar, that would be Sam's injury which he's pretty proud of! I dropped him off at Rob and Bre's to play while I took Andrew to the doctor. Apparently they were tickling and running around and just being silly, nothing unusual, but Sam ran into their bed frame. It hit him right between the eyes and he has check-mark shaped cut. It's not very deep, but I imagine it'll still leave a scar. Boys like that, right? Well, for right now he's just thrilled to have a bandaid in the middle of his face.

Man, am I glad it's almost the weekend...and this was even a 4-day week!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm Gonna Do It....deep breath...

I'm going to run a half marathon. Those are words that I never EVER thought that I would say. But, I'm doing it, so there you go! I started running with some friends from church in the spring and now I'm hooked. Granted, I'm pretty slow, I'm not looking to set any records or win the race, but I'm going to finish it, and that's what's important to me! Amy (my main running partner) and I decided earlier this week that we are going to run it together. We'd been talking about it for weeks (or months, I can't remember now) and couldn't make up our minds (maybe we'd just do a 10k and then do the half marathon in the spring, but honestly, if I have my way I'll pregnant in the spring so then running will be OUT of the question). We just couldn't let it go, so we're just gonna do it! It's October 4th so that gives us 4 more weeks to prepare, wow that's going to fly by. I'm really excited about it...and nervous/scared.

So, if there's anyone that's interested in doing it with us, let me know! Here's a link to the race's website:

Wish me luck!