Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Moments

Life at our house has been pretty ordinary lately so I haven't had much to post, so I thought that I would just post some random unrelated pictures that I thought were cute. Here you go!

Andrew has discovered climbing which brings with it a whole new level of independence and trouble-making. Apparently, this day he didn't get enough breakfast because he was helping himself to more as soon as I got him down from the table!

Sam likes to use his sidewalk chalk to create murals on the floor of the unfinished room in our basement. This particular day he had me lay down so that he could draw my outline. I was pretty impressed with his work! But is my head really that small?

This is Andrew's favorite cupboard to play in because there's bowls to stack and re-stack and there's enough room that he can climb all the way in and close the door. We (meaning Joe) just had to repair the cupboard door because he was hanging on it so much the he pulled the screws out of the hinges. Now, if I could only get Joe to put up the child locks...

And here is Sam just looking adorable. He used to hate the camera and would look away (or run away) whenever he saw me pull it out but now he's becoming quite the cheeser!


Heather said...

Oh your boys are heart throbs!!!! I love the body in the basement LOL. I think that is so funny that your little guy loves your cupboard. Brock found a screwdriver once and unscrewed the hinges on one of my doors to my cupboard. Mothers of little boys deserve a good spot in heaven!!!

Dustin and Maren said...


Hey, I'm so glad you popped on to our blog! It was nice to see you (via your blog pics) and hear that you're doing well. Your family is adorable. (It's a good thing we're so used to living with a bunch of boys, huh!) Feel free to spy on my blog anytime!!


Melanie said...

I have a cupboard, as well, that Isaac likes to frequent. It is supposed to be the "safe" cupboard for him to get into (there is nothing he can hurt himself on). I'll tell you what....I hate it. He is always pulling stuff out and spreading it all over the house. So....we may just put child locks on it for my sanity not his safety.