Saturday, September 20, 2008

Running Update

Okay, so probably most of you don't give a hoot about my running, but bear with me on this one. This is my obessission right now, so thought that I'd add a post, even though it's way more fun to see cute pictures of the boys and hear what they are up to. Sorry, guys, this one's just about me!

The half marathon is two weeks from today. This morning we went on our longest run yet, 12 miles for me (a little more than that for my friends since they live in a different neighborhood). I can't help but think about how 6 months ago I would have thought that 12 miles was a little too long for a bike ride, it never would have even crossed my mind that I'd be running that distance. It's an amazing sense of accomplishment. When I started running it was to pump up my workouts and get me past the weight-loss plateau that I'd hit. Well, it's definately done that, but I never expected that I would love it this much. Hmm, love, that's a strong word, it's kind of a love/hate relationship. I love pushing myself to my limits and looking back and saying, "Wow, I did that when I used to think it was impossible, what else am I capable of?" I hate...well...the hurts to push yourself that hard!

So, next week we'll take it easier and let our bodies recover and get ready for the race. Then it's the real thing. I'm excited to do it and to have it behind me so that I can have my Saturdays back. Since we started doing long runs on the weekends, the rest of the day is shot because I can't move! Although, I took some advice from my aunt and this week, after getting home from my run, I soaked in a cold (and I mean ICE COLD) bath for 10 minutes. Ouch, that hurt for the first minute (or 47 seconds, Judy said she has timed it and that's how long it takes for your legs to go numb) but I can already feel that it's helping. Okay, that was probably too much info, sorry.

Well, thanks for indulging my addiction. Now you have a little glimpse of what is on my mind ALL OF THE TIME!


Melanie said...

Way to go. 12 miles....that's awesome. You are going to do great.

I have decided that I will not be running it. I am teaching that aerobics class from 8-9 and that just happens to be the first day it will be MY CLASS. That mean I will actually get paid for it so.....I will have to forgo the run. Maybe next time. Thanks for the invite.

I know what you mean about obsession. I am feeling that way about teaching right now. I can think of nothing else

Parnell's said...

Congrats Chari! That's Awesome! Can't wait to hear about the run. I totally understand the ice bath thing! I used to hate taking them and now I actually kind of like it. I've found that wearing shorts and a sweat shirt is very helpful, and a good book. Maybe that's why I like ice baths now, because I get time to just sit and read that and I love how it makes my legs feel.

Parnell's said...

Hey Chari! Awesome. I'm a big believer in the whole ice bath thing. I have converted a number of people. Ricki gave some good advice. An ultrarunner I read about a lot says she dumps in two bags of ice, wears neoprene booties and a down jacket. I don't take it that far but after tough workouts and long runs it is amazing. The days I don't do it, I regret it. I totally understand the love/hate relationship. Anytime you want to discuss running (because it is an obvious obsession/addiction of mine) let me know. Good luck on the race, wish I could run it too! You know that's how it started for me, after my first half I knew I would never look back. - Bard