Thursday, February 19, 2009

We have another child...

...and his name is ANDREW!!!

I was just looking over the last several entries that I have put on here and realized that I've been neglecting my youngest! So, here's a little about what's going on with him...
Andrew is 18 months and just started nursery a few weeks ago...hallelujah! He loves nursery and being with the other kids. He thinks that he is as big as his brother and can (and should be allowed) to do everything Sam does.
He's very independant and loves to do things for he is getting himself some breakfast.
I'm not sure how it got started, but he loves putting stickers on his face. Everytime we go to the bank or get out the sticker books at church, his face becomes a work of art. Here's a very mild application, he's much more thorough now. It's gotten so normal for me that I don't think anything of it, but we get some funny looks at the grocery stores...
Here he is opening the "Toad-ally Awesome" valentine that he got from G&G Lodge. He is truly my son because .... he loves chocolate!

He is a happy and smart little boy. He's started talking lately so that's exciting to try and learn his new words with him. It's so fun to watch him figure out that he can actually communicate with us...he gets so excited! He still loves to snuggle when he wakes up, which I love! He's so big, but for those few minutes I get to pretend like he's still my baby!

I love you Andrew!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sam's Valentine's Date

Sam got to have dinner with Callie on Valentines Day, she even made him a cute little card which he loves!

Earlier in the week we'd been talking about what Valentines Day is and how it's a day that we do nice things for the people that we love. I asked him who he loves, expecting the basic know...Mom...Dad...Grandma....Grandpa.....but who does he say first? CALLIE!!!

They are such cute little friends, I can't wait to remind them of this 10-12 years down the road!