Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sam's Valentine's Date

Sam got to have dinner with Callie on Valentines Day, she even made him a cute little card which he loves!

Earlier in the week we'd been talking about what Valentines Day is and how it's a day that we do nice things for the people that we love. I asked him who he loves, expecting the basic know...Mom...Dad...Grandma....Grandpa.....but who does he say first? CALLIE!!!

They are such cute little friends, I can't wait to remind them of this 10-12 years down the road!


Melanie said...

He He......young love.

If only it lasted!

Woodrich Family said...

So sweet! We still tease my brother about his first love. Oh, and that look on his face in the first picture is so totally Joe! Hope you make it through the week with Joe out of town. If nothing else, at least having them gone makes us grateful for when they are here.

The Wright Stuff said...

Oh...that is adorable!!!!