Friday, September 28, 2012

Four Months Old

I can't believe that this cute girl is already four months old! She is such a sweet baby and has the entire family wrapped around her chubby little finger!
Love you Lydibug!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boy's Day at Silverwood

All summer Joe told the boys that he would take them to Silverwood, but it never worked out. But, since he's a such a great Daddy, he found a day that would work before it closed for the year! They had a great time together with out all of us "girls" slowing them down :) Here are some cute pics from their day...

What a difference a year makes! This ride last year, they had to stop after the first drop to let Andrew off because he was screaming so loud! He was so scared, but now that he's five, he's all grown up and "silly things like that don't scare him, he just knows how to be brave"...or so he tells me!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hiking in the wilderness

Yesterday we took a trip out to Couer d'Alene to enjoy this last weekend of Summer. We met my parents out at the park. The weather was nice, but a little breezy which made the freezing cold water even worse! The swimming part of the afternoon didn't last for long! Joe and the kids came back shivering and covered with goosebumps. We enjoyed burgers from Paul Bunyan's and a live band playing at the concert stage. After dinner, my parents had to leave, but we decided to take the kids to go on a "hike" at Tub's Hill. The kids LOVED it! The boys had fun following every trail and climbing on every rock. Sam was sure to warn us about poison ivy ("Don't worry, I learned about it in first grade" he told us very smuggly.) and Andrew thought that this must be like the wilderness in the Book of Mormon. They were amazed by the size of the lake.

 I told them to pretend like they saw a bear for this picture...

And of course the muscle shot...

After we got back to civilization (A.K.A. the parking lot) we decided to take them down to the dock to walk for a bit. We only made it down one side (everyone was getting pretty tired from all the walking) but they loved all of the boats. We finished off the fun evening with a stop at Cold Stone. Sam serenaded us by singing along with the radio that was playing there, he said they were playing all of his favorite songs! It was a very fun day. I love spending time with my family, especially when we get to go on new adventures!


Abby got a new Princess Encyclopedia and she isn't the only one who's been loving it!  I love seeing all of the kids enjoying books together, especially now that Sam is old enough to do some of the reading! Lydia just loves to be down on their level and be part of the action. Notice how Abby got all dressed up for the occasion!

I sure do love this crew!