Saturday, September 22, 2012

Boy's Day at Silverwood

All summer Joe told the boys that he would take them to Silverwood, but it never worked out. But, since he's a such a great Daddy, he found a day that would work before it closed for the year! They had a great time together with out all of us "girls" slowing them down :) Here are some cute pics from their day...

What a difference a year makes! This ride last year, they had to stop after the first drop to let Andrew off because he was screaming so loud! He was so scared, but now that he's five, he's all grown up and "silly things like that don't scare him, he just knows how to be brave"...or so he tells me!

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Sephie Rojas said...

Your kids look super cute! They look like they had so much fun :) Makes me wish I can go to a carnival too!