Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Daddy

Tomorrow is Abby's birthday and she decided to show how grown up she is by taking her first steps this afternoon. She's been doing a lot of feet shuffling lately, but these are her actual first steps! Since Joe is out of town this week, I had to post this so that he can see. Not a great video, but I do only have two hands! She really is walking, I promise!

Oh, and just a note for future bragging rights...both of her brothers took their first steps around 14 months :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sam's exciting (and a bit scary) news!

Today Sam was eating some apple with his lunch and ...
...he lost his first tooth! As I expected, he was a bit traumatized by it! It's been loose for weeks and we've talking about it lots so that he knew that it would come out soon, but still the shock of it took him a bit off guard. He was fine until he saw the "hole" in his mouth, he thought it looked very funny. But, he felt much better about it once I explained that a new tooth would grow in!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Please, don't judge me too harshly...

Joe is out of town this week, the kids were all in bed by 7:15 and this is how I now get to spend my evening...
...just me, an old chick flick, and a MOUNTAIN of laundry to fold. At least it's clean, right? Here goes!

Who needs toys?

This is one of Abby's favorite things to do while I'm busy in the kitchen...

Notice, also, the pan lid and wooden spoon behind her. Luckily, she hasn't quite figure out how to make TOO much noise with them yet. When she does figure that out, which probably won't be long, I'll have to find a new way to entertain her while I cook! But look at that smile, who can say no to that?!

Fall Leaves

We got outside this week to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful fall days we've been having. We only have one little apple tree in our yard so there was just the right amount of leaves to play in! There's just something magical about a pile of fall leaves, I'm not quite sure what it is...but they sure had fun!