Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bedtime Snack

Sam loves cookies, he is truly his father's son! This was right after bathtime and I hadn't combed his hair yet. Actually, I didn't get around to it so he went to bed like that his hair was sticking up all over for the next two days until I bathed him again. He has crazy hair!

Ela is 2 years old!

April 2nd was Ela's (Rob's daughter, my neice) 2nd birthday. It was a houseful at my parents' house. Rob and his family just moved to Spokane from Seattle and are staying at my parents' house while they look for a house. (Sound familiar? As soon as they move out, Danny will be home from his mission and will take their spot in the basement. It's a popular place!) Since they didn't know many people in Spokane yet, Rob invited lots of people that he'd met once or twice who have little kids and it made for a pretty huge party! We had dinner and then watched Ela open a pretty huge pile of gifts (the playdough won her heart!) and finished the night off with a delicious chocolate cake. Now, Sam has birthday fever. He can't stop talking about all of the things that he wants to do and get for his birthday. We went to Walmart this week and, after much begging, I took him to the toy section to look around for a few minutes. He walked up and down the aisles, looking around, tapping his chin and saying, "Hmmmm, what do I want for my birthday.... hmmm." It was too funny! The answer to the question changes everyday!

Smiley Boy

Andrew is so close to crawling! He loves to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, we're just waiting for him to take off. He's got such a great smile, but I guess I'm a little biased!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Short-lived Snowman

Unfortunately, these pictures are not as old as they look. They were taken on March 28th after a late season snow storm. I'm so sick of snow, but Sam can't get enough! This was especially great because it snowed on a saturday so daddy was home to play with him. They built a pretty great snowman, but by the time Sam got up from his nap, it had collapsed. The "remains" of it were around for a week or so and every time Sam looked out the back and saw it he exclaimed "Oh no! My snowman fell down!" like it was the first time that he had discovered it. It was pretty amusing!

Good Lunch!

I was having tomato soup for lunch and Andrew really wanted some ... so I shared and he loved it! Actually, we haven't found many foods that he doesn't love (a sharp contrast to his brother...!)