Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time Flies

So, Saturday was our 5th Anniversary, it's amazing how fast that time has gone! I surprised Joe by arranging with my Dad and Uncle to come and kidnap Joe first thing in the morning and go golfing. He absolutely loves to golf and never gets the chance to go, so that was my present to him. It was a fun surprise. He came home with and bouquet of 2 dozen red and yellow roses that were beautiful, fresh flowers are always a score in my book! That night my brother, Danny, came over to babysit. He brought a girl with him for reinforcement and to get out of changing any diapers. (Smart Guy!) We went to Clinkerdagger's for dinner. For those not familiar with Spokane, that's a fancy restaurant downtown that overlooks the River and the Falls. It was a beautiful setting and the food was delicious! It was fun to splurge and go somewhere really nice and just enjoy...just what I was hoping for. After dinner we went and played mini golf at Wonderland. I know, kind of a contrast to the fancy dinner, but it was very fun!

It was fun to kind of look back at our first five years and see where we've come. I'm so greatful for such a wonderful husband who is truly just what I need. He's so kind and supportive and is a great dad. I am lucky to have him in my life. I love you Joe!

I'm not sure how much Joe reads this blog, so I guess we'll see. Anyway, here's to many more happy years together!


Woodrich Family said...

Congratulations on five years! I love Clinkerdaggers!! We went there for our five year anniversary, too. Have you bought the gift cards at Costco? They're great! Glad you had a great day!!

Kristin said...

I know I am WAY late! but happy anniversary! You two are so cute and I am so glad we are in the same family tree! We love you two and those handsome boys!

Heather said...

woohooo congrats!!! I am so glad that you had such a fun day. Clinkers was on our list for our annivers. too but I just could not abandon olive gardens breadsticks LOL. Here to another 50 years!!!