Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Andrew!!

We celebrated Andrew's 1st birthday on Friday. I can't believe that my baby boy is a year old! We had a family birthday party during the day. We had lunch and then cake and ice cream, really basic, nothing fancy, but it was very fun. Andrew seemed to know that it was his special day and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Here's the cake that I made (it's a train, in case you can't tell). I was feeling ambitious and I thought it turned out pretty cute. The blue tower in the front is what we gave to Andrew to demolish and he did a great job! Joe couldn't believe that I wanted to give him that whole piece, but you only have a first birthday once!
Miri and Andrew waiting anxiously for the cake.The cake...just out of his reach......and here he goes!"Really, I'm allowed to do this?""Mmmmm, that's good!""Wow, this is great!""Really, this is okay?"Now it's getting serious... "Now that's what I call fun!"

After we got him cleaned up, then it was time to open presents. He got lots of fun toys and books (which Sam has been loving) Thanks everybody! Joe ended up doing most of the unwrapping since Andrew didn't quite understand the concept.

Andrew and Leila The crew (minus a few): Andrew, Leila, Sam and Dylan (L&D are my cousin's kids) Uncle's Danny and Jon living it up at this exciting party!

It was a fun and crazy little party, thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with us. To make the day even more fun, we had some of our new friends from church over that night for a BBQ. Another fun event (no pictures taken at that party) and a great way to finish off the day.


Melanie said...

Oh....he is so cute. I can't believe he is one either. Isaac had his b-day too and I am still trying to cope with it. Looks like Andrew had a lot of fun. What a good time!

Kristin said...

we had so much fun! so glad we are fam and get to enjoy seeing your handsome boys grow up!

Lindsey said...

Great job on the cake! so cute! Your little boys are darling!