Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carver's Farm Field Trip

Last week Sam got to go on a field trip to Carver's farm. He was so excited for this trip...especially because Joe took the morning off work to go with him. Here are some of the highlights:
He loved the corn maze and when he got home decided to turn what was left of the cornstalks in our yard into a "maze". (Really, we only had two short rows of corn so that just meant walking between the two rows, but he loves it!) He is also very excited about popping the indian corn that he brought home.
Joe said that he loved the hayride and had a great time playing with his friends. He loves hide-and-seek!

And, of course, what is a trip to the farm without picking out a pumpkin!


Amy said...

Looks like fun. Hope everything is going good with the pregnancy give me a call when you get a chance.

Erin McSpadden said...

I love it out there. looks like fun!

Woodrich Family said...

What a cutie!!

The Wright Stuff said...

We LOVE Carver's!!! Hailey went there last week on a field trip and it was so fun! How nice of Joe to take off work and go too! Sam is very lucky! :)

I can't believe you only have 35 days to go!!! You are sooo lucky!!!