Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Baby Blessing

We blessed Abby in church on Dec 6th. She was still very young, but we wanted to do it while Joe's parents were in town so that they could be there. It was so nice to have so much family around! Here are a few pictures that we took that day...

Our little family with Joe's parents before church

Grandma Lodge and Abby

My Grandpa Clark with his newest great-granddaughter

Grandma Olson and Abby in the beautiful dress that she made for her. Thanks Mom!
Grandpa Olson and Abby

Joe helping get her ready just before church, what a great daddy!

Thanks to everyone for coming to take part in this special day for our family (especially to Rob who had to work, but made all the arrangements to come on his lunch break...) it sure meant a lot to me! I wish that our whole family could have been there, two of my four brothers were there, but I sure missed Jon (on a mission) and Mike (in Utah getting ready for finals)! It's times like this that you really realize how important family is!

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Reid Family said...

She is just precious! Your family is so cute! I really wanted to send you some blanket, and our life has been crazy so sorry I haven't gotten it done! We miss you guys and hope everythings going well!