Friday, March 12, 2010

Three months...and then some!

So, actually Abby will be four months old next week, but I'm just barely getting around to posting these pictures that we had taken at three months.

She's growing so fast, I can't believe it! We sure love having her as part of our family!


Melanie said...

Oh...she is sooooo cute. :)

Suze B Vinton said...

She is getting so big and she is beautiful♥ !

Reid Family said...

She's such a doll! I can't believe how much she's grown since you first posted her pic's! How fun to have a girl to dress up! Maybe someday we will have one too :) We can't wait to see you guys in June! Keep us posted!

Lindsey said...

She's got the most adorable lips! She is so sweet :)

S Torrie said...

She's adorable! I wish I could train and run with you too! I usually don't take my kids out with me but they always beg so I let them see half of my route. I don't think Brynn will ever ask again. Joel might.

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