Monday, June 28, 2010

Naptime at our house

This afternoon, I was downstairs doing laundry during naptime. I went upstairs to check on the kiddos (they were quiet unusually quickly today and it made me suspicious) and this is what I found... empty bunkbed(please ignore the mess under the bed!)...

...and two boys asleep in my bed, favorite blankies and all! They even brought their pillows with them!

They woke up when I took the picture. Sam got up but Andrew rolled over and went right back to sleep...

Too cute. Hey, a nap is a nap, I'll take it anyway it comes!


Jolee said...

Haha! So cute!!!

Melanie said... least they are asleep.

Ryan and Angela said...

That is so cute. My kids rarely sleep in my bed. But I love it when they do because they look so little.

Parnell's said...

You call that a mess? I'll post a picture of my boys' room :)
- Bard

Gledwood said...

Hi Lodge Family!
You popped out of nowhere. Suddenly there you are on the screen.
Your kids are really cute.
I remember being tiny and being carried asleep out of the car into bed. Well obviously I woke up for a split 2nd or I wouldn't remember at all but point being you reminded me of it. Also we had bunks like those when we were little
All the best from London,