Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fireworks...oh yeah, and baseball too!

Last night was Family Night at the Spokane Indian's game. We went with a group of friends and had a blast! I wasn't sure how it would go since it was hot and the boys have no clue about baseball (Sam kept on telling people at church today that he went to a football game last night) but, there were fireworks afterwards, so that made it all worth it! The first hour or so was miserable because we were in the direct sun, but once we were in the shade it was great. We were sitting down by the field right behind the away teams bench (dugout?) and right before the game one of the players called Sam out of the crowd and gave him one of their practice balls. He was sooooo excited!
Sam and Andrew had fun playing with their friends...
Danny and Jessi came too!The boys love anyone who resembles a superhero, so they were so excited to meet Recycle Man! Andrew was a little too shy for a picture, though.
Molly was showing Sam some cool trick with the straw, I never did figure out what she was trying to do!Here's the boys towards the end of the game, Sam was pouting about Andrew holding his baseball, he was a little possessive!Andrew, the crazy man...nice hair!
The girls! Abby was a trooper and didn't fuss too much, although all she really wanted was to get down and crawl on the bleachers.
The fireworks were fun and the boys loved them! Sam kept yelling, "Wow, they're so beautiful/exquisite/wonderful!" and various other exclamations of pure joy! It was very cute. We all got to bed way too late and were feeling the effects of that ALL DAY today, but it was worth it!


The Wright Stuff said...

I LOVE your hat!!! Sooo cute! You look so great!

lexi45 said...

abby is looking soo soo cute when
she was sitting in the swing and all the boys are looking cute too!!

Woodrich Family said...

Hey, we were at that game, too! The kids always love it!!