Friday, July 22, 2011

Slippin' and Slidin' in the backyard

The boys have been asking for weeks for a slip n slide, so I finally went and got one. Andrew caught on pretty fast...Sam took a little longer to get the hang of it, (he tends to be more worried about getting hurt) but once he got it, he had a great time!Abby wanted in on the action too, oops we forgot her swimsuit :) Joe set up a tarp next to it so that he could show the boys how it was done (he didn't want to tear their slide). The tarp was not nearly as smooth, though and he ended up with a very sore tummy!

They had a great time for a few hours...then it ripped and was no longer usuable! I guess that's what happens you only spend $5 on a toy! Oh well, they got their fill and haven't asked about it since!

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