Monday, October 20, 2008

Farm Fun in the Fall

This was a fun weekend, we got to do lots of things with family. Saturday was my dad's birthday (and Joe's dad's also, but unfortunately we didn't get to spend it with him!) and we got all the family together for an outing. (Well, at least the family who live in town plus Danny who made a trip from Utah, but lets be honest, he wasn't here for the birthday or the festival, those were just coincidences, he'd gone too long without seeing Jessi!) We all went to Green Bluff for the Apple Festival. Sam was so excited all day to go to the farm and had a great time, but if you were to judge the day from these pictures, it looks like they were all miserable! I swear, they really did have fun!

Andrew was fearless with the animals. We were in the goat cage and just walked right up to the goat with no coaching and was petting it, I was shocked! Then, on the other hand, there is Sam who was not so excited about the goats. Here he is explaining that to Jessi. He said, " I just don't like them, that's all! I don't have to like them, it's okay." And it's true!He did humor us, though, so that we could just get a picture. (A quick side note, this smaller picture was taken at the same farm two years ago when Sam was almost the exact same age as Andrew, I thought that it was kind of fun to compare the pictures!)That takes us to the pea pit, a favorite of all the little kids. Basically, it's a huge sandbox but instead of sand it is filled with dried peas. Fun idea, and much easier to clean up than sand!
Sam and Jessi. He absolutely adores her, she was instantly one of his favorite people in the world...just goes to show that she is meant to be in the family! We love you Jessi!
Andrew wanted to climb into the corral with the ponies, but luckily Joe was standing guard. He settled for being allowed to pet the pony, instead. This was by far the biggest smile we saw out of Sam! He was begging the whole afternoon to ride the tractor ride (it was a little tractor pulling a line of these little cars) and so we let him do that right before we left. I was actually kind of surprised that he actually did it, I was sure that he would freak out when it actually came down to it, but he didn't! He loved it and talked about it the rest of the day.


Sharla said...

I love Green Bluff, it's always a good time!

Kristin said...

all i can say is LOVE greenbluff! we are so lucky to live close to cool things like this...this is what i have to keep telling myself every time I get irrated it takes 30 min to get anywhere!! looks like you guys had so much fun!! we can't wait to see the boys in their halloween costumes!