Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkins Faces

We carved pumpkins last Sunday and the boys had a lot of fun. We were especially excited because 3 of the 4 pumpkins came from our own garden! (The one that didn't is one that my mom let Sam choose while he was at the store with her...and he loved it! Everytime he saw it he would got and give it a hug and say, "Oh, I love my pumpkin!!" So Cute!)

Sam got so excited about the jack-o-lantern faces, especially once they candles were lit!

Andrew loved squishing the "pumpkin guts" between his fingers and (big shocker) eating the strings and seeds when I wasn't paying attention. Gross!

It was a fun family activity, and relatively clean, I was suprised that it didn't get messier!


Melanie said...

Very cool. I love the smell of burning pumpkins. You know......when the flame from the candle starts to lick the top of the lid. I LOVE IT!

Isaac made a tasty snack of the pumpkin as well. Silly boys.

Your boys are so cute.

Heather said...

what is the deal with kids eating pumpkins??? can't they just tell its gross by looking at it, like everything else? Or in my case, most my dinners LOL

Your family is sooooo cute!!!! Love your little boys in nursery