Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flying Solo

I'm so glad that it's Wednesday, because that means that we are more than halfway through the week to Friday when Joe gets home. Yay! He was out of town last week on an audit and then found out Thursday night that he'd been assigned to a new out-of-town job while he was gone and that meant that he had to leave again Monday morning. Travelling is hard enough when it's one week at a time or two weeks if its scheduled and I can prepare myself, but being blindsided caught me off guard. But, we knew when he chose this career path that he'd have to travel. And, really, we've got it pretty good compared to newbies at other firms, so I shouldn't complain! But, I still hate to have him gone, it's the pits. The boys miss him so much and seem to take it out on me with their whineyness and crying. Luckily, I've got a great friend who is in the same boat as me the last two weeks (for her it's been three) so we've been keeping eachother sane. (You're a lifesaver, Abby!) It also reminds me of one of the reasons that we moved to be close to my parents, it's so nice to just be able to drop by for a dose of face-to-face adult conversation! Well, only two more days! Sorry for the whining, I just thought that it was better here than being even grumpier to my boys!


Parnell's said...

I'll toast to that! It's funny how the kids just get so much harder when your alone! I'm glad your almost through it! I feel your pain.

Bethany said...

Hi Chari! So your boys are so cute! Sorry that you are a lone woman this week. My hubby's taking off tomorrow night and will be gone through the weekend for his Grandpa's funeral. Hopefully Kelly will let me get some scrapbooking done!

Melanie said...

Yeah......why did we marry auditors? Sometimes I wonder.