Monday, January 5, 2009

Not My Idea of Fun!!!

After a fabulous week with Christmas, Wedding and tons of family get-togethers, we were ready for week two of our "winter break". The things on our agenda included relaxing, watching movies, playing with the Wii and other new toys, more relaxing and, oh yeah, Sam having surgery.

Tonsils and adenoids out and tubes in both ears.

Small detail.

Or so I thought.

I figured that it would take up most of the day on Tuesday and then after that, he'd have to take it easy and eat soft foods, but it shouldn't interfere with our week of relaxation. Oh, did I underestimate the situation!

He was so nervous once we had him dressed in the little hospital gown (puppy in hand, thank goodness they let him take that with him!) and he watched as the little boy ahead of him was led down the hallway, away from his parents. But, miraculously, when it was his turn he went with them just as easily. I was picturing a scene that involved them carrying him away kicking and screaming, literally, but he surprised me! What a brave boy! The surgery went fine (of course) and we eventually went to the recovery room as he was waking up. He was miserable and disoriented. We'd been there several hours and I was starving, that combined with the hospital smells and seeing my little boy in pain, well, I passed out. Almost. I was sitting in a chair so I'm not completely sure, if I was completely gone or not. But, they brought me a stretcher and made me lay down and breath through an oxygen mask. Talk about HUMILIATING!!!

Sam did remarkably well drinking his juice and they let us go pretty soon. That day and the next went just as I thought they would. He was fine, a little grumpy and didn't like to eat or drink, but nothing unexepected. The next morning I realized that he was looking a little....shall we say....stoned. He was still on the prescription meds (doctors orders!) but he looked awful. It was like someone had taken over my little boys body and it really scared me. So we decided to ease him off those on to Tylenol. That's when the misery started, I swear he was going through some sort of withdrawals. He was grumpy like I'd never seen, refused to eat or drink anything and wasn't sleeping. Luckily, I can report that today, day 7, is marginally better. Joe's back to work, we are back to our old routine and I'm starting to see glimpses of the old Sam returning.

I guess that I should have prepared myself better, of course surgery wasn't going to be easy for a 3-year-old!


Valerie said...

You have my sympathies! Caden had surgery at 1, and it is no fun.

Amy said...

Oh poor boy! Sorry you had such a hard week. I was just thinking yesterday at church how cute your boys were Andrew is a doll. Maybe you will get another snow day this week to just relax I wouldn't mind.

Woodrich Family said...

Poor little guy. Hope that things are getting better. Today is LeRoy's first day back to work since before Christmas. Man, I wish we could just retire!

Melanie said...

I'm glad things are getting better. I can't imagine what he went through but I heard it stinks.

By the way, you passing out.......he he. I mean, sorry....but kind of funny to picture.

I love being in hospitals and having people take care of me....why cant I pass out too.

Kristin said...

Oh, Chari! Carrie told me last week that sam was going in for surgery and I didn't even know before that! I'm glad the surgery went well and things seem to be looking up. We love that little guy! Let me know if you need anything!

Kelly said...

What a tough day! I remember Gorden's surgery day and Adelaide's as well and its so sad. Even just seeing your baby in those little gowns makes me cry! I'm glad he's doing better. I hope he continues to return to his normal self quickly. Good luck!

Erin McSpadden said...

so glad he's feeling better! Those surgeries can be tough.

Liz Johnson said...


Connor's doctor wants to do an adenoidectomy (he is chronically congested) and I wanted to get your opinion on the whole thing. Do you mind emailing me or something???