Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Newest Member of the Family

On December 27th we welcomed the newest member to our we're not talking about babies or pets....

Jessi and Danny got married!Because of the weather (cold, snow, sleet, wind) we took all of the temple pictures in the entryway (thank goodness). It's not the same as having pictures in front of the temple but there was no way that we were going to stand in the elements for pictures where we'd all end up looking miserable! Here's some shots of my handsome little boys. They were mesmerized by seeing Jessi in her fancy white dress.

Sam was not thrilled to be wearing a flower, can you tell? But doesn't he look like a stud!Andrew loved all of the attention that he got all night! For the reception we brought a portable DVD player and a couple of Little Einsteins DVD's and set Sam in the corner. One of my brother's commented that he thought that the building could've fallen down around him and, as long as he still had power, Sam wouldn't have noticed. It was a great distraction! The only time he left the corner was when he saw people dancing and he had to take part. Both of my boys love to dance, it was so cute! Here are some shots and video:

Sam and I were showing our skills! Sam dancing with his cousin Ela.
Andrew was a solo act, but he's got skills!

The wedding and reception were beautiful, fun and an all around success! I am so thrilled to have Jessi as a sister-in-law, I've been hoping for this for about the last five years!
Congratulations you guys, we love you!


Amy said...

The wedding looks awesome! Too bad it was such crummy weather. Okay so party at your house we love wii wish we had one:(.

Melanie said...

So cute.

You boys are definitely charmers.

Watch out ladies!