Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Big Day - Christmas 2008

Here's a quick look at our Christmas festivities. We went to my aunt's house Christmas Eve for more eating (it's seems like we've done a lot of that!), then to my parents', then finally back to our house. Below is when the boys opened their Christmas Eve PJ's, we went with a superhero theme this year which Sam was thrilled with. I even made Joe a shiny cape (sorry no pictures of that) so that he could "fly" around the house with the boys. Here's a shot of my PJ's, no superhero jammies for me, just awesome polka dots!
This was Christmas morning, Joe opened his first present which was a Wii remote. I suppose that I should have had him open the big box first, but oh well, he put it all together pretty fast...and was thrilled with the Wii (thanks Mom and Dad Lodge!)
This was just after Andrew opened what turned out to be one his favorite presents (also from G&G Lodge). He pulls it all over the house!
Santa left this great present for the boys in the basement. It provides endless entertainment and frustration (as Andrew takes apart all of the tracks that Sam puts together). Definately a hit, though! Andrew did his best to multi-task and enjoy as many of his new things at once as possible.We had my family over for a brunch after presents. It was quite a feast! Below, is Breanna (sister-in-law), Joe and my mom digging in. Bernie didn't get the yummy stuff, but he was perfectly content with his bottle! What a good baby, he just laid there and drank his bottle and let his mom and dad eat!
After breakfast Joe hooked up his new toy and we all tested it out. I'm not a huge video game fan, but I've had lots of fun with the Wii so far!
Jessi (almost sister-in-law) plays with her new phone. We had a wonderful Christmas. Although we didn't get to visit Joe's family this year, we were able to talk to them on the web cam and let them share in some of the boys' excitement on Christmas morning. We are so lucky to both come from such great families, if only we could get them to live in the same time zone so that we'd get to see everyone more often! I hope that all of you also had a great Christmas and made great memories that will last a lifetime.

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Chari, your boys are adorable!