Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Have I DONE?!?

After too many months of being told "what a pretty little girl I have", I finally got the courage to cut Andrew's hair! (Come on people, can't little boys have curls too!) But, I gave in and decided that it was time. It was seriously hard for me, though! I actually shed a few tears. Maybe I'm just having a hard time realizing how big my baby boy is getting!

He loved the clippers and was giggling and the whole time!

Here's the "after" shot, doesn't he look grown up! The problem with cutting his hair is that what is left is so blond and fine that he kind of looks bald again! Oh well, I'll get used to it. {Sigh} But I already miss the curls!


Woodrich Family said...

That's always a hard thing to do. It makes them look so grown up! You have a very handsome little boy!

Melanie said...

Blasted's all his fault after the comment he made the other day. I will scold him for you.

It does look really cute though.

Cael looks bald if we cut his hair too short as well......just like his daddy.

Good will grow the meantime, go ahead a shed a few tears. It's okay

Amy said...

I thougt he looked adorable with his curls so sad to cut them. Hope you guys are feeling better this week. Love the new family picture very cute!

Kristin said...

Ahh! I need a minute to take this in!! He looks very handsome and grown up...but the clippers next to those sweet curls makes me squirm! I am pretty shocked you went for it! I am also pretty jealous that Andrew thinks the clippers are a fine time! Dyl still runs like it's gonna kill him every time!~ can't wait to see the handsome little man-do!

Bonnie said...

Connor was that way, he had the most beautiful blond curls! I got all the cute girl comments even when he was in red and blue overalls, I still miss them!! It never grew back the same, sooo sad! but really for the best I guess, I see boys around with hair to their shoulders because their moms can't cut it, it's silly!