Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two Boys in a Boat

The boys got to experience something new and exciting this week. They got to go on a boat for the first time! Now, when I say boat, I'm talking about an ancient little motor boat that my dad inherited from his dad...this thing is at least 30 years old, maybe closer to 40! But, the boys didn't care, it was a great adventure for them! We went after Joe got off work and just took a couple trips around the lake in the little boat. It was beautiful!

Sam couldn't talk about anything else for days leading up to the excursion, but when it came right down to it, he was pretty nervous! This is right after the boat was put in the water...
Here they are, life jackets on, ready to go...kind of! They wouldn't smile for anything! The first trip out was with just Grandma and Grandpa. Immediately after this picture, Andrew climbed in G'mas lap and didn't leave it the whole time!
After that, it was time to take a break for some dinner, then they were right back out!
This trip was with Daddy and G'pa. (I opted not to go out, due to the fumes, my tendency towards motion sickness and how easily I'm nauseated these days!) On this trip they were loosened up a bit more...
I love the expression on Sam's face in this picture, he's so intense!

And, of course, they loved just playing in the water after the boat rides were done. It was a hot day and the water was just the right temperature!

Thanks to my mom and dad for the fun experience! Dad's been talking about taking his grandkids out on the boat for the last three summers and we finally did it! While we were there, Sam saw some other people fishing, so now he's convinced that's what he wants to do next time. Hmmm, that will probably last about five minutes! Oh well, he'd probably be talking about those five minutes for days!

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Heather said...

Boys and boats, you gotta love it!!! your boys are soooo cute!! I just love them. I am so gald that you blog, you are such an amazing mother Chari!!!! I miss you tons!! it was fun to see your parents!!