Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's Two!!!

Why so serious.....It's your BIRTHDAY!!! Saturday was Andrew's 2nd birthday. To start the day off, Andrew got to open the pile of presents that had come in the mail from G&G was like Christmas morning!
That night, we celebrated by having my family and some friends over for a BBQ and birthday cake. It was pretty low key but very fun.
Andrew, Stu, Sam and Millie at the kid table enjoying their oh-so-gourmet dinner of Mac n' Cheese and hot dogs!
Bernie and Ela (cousins) at the "overflow table".

Andrew opening presents from us...the truck is as big as he is!
Big boy underware from Gma Olson...hmmm, is this some sort of hint?
The Cookie Monster towel that Gma Olson made for him. He loves it wears around the house when ever we let him! (Sam got an Elmo towel just like it for his 2nd birthday and still uses it at every bath!)
My masterpiece...the birthday cake!
Andrew's face as we brought the cake out...wish I knew what was going on that head of his!

I thought this picture was funny because Sam was keeping his cake as far away from his brother as possible but yet was scoping out Andrew's plate...

Fun Facts about Andrew:
Favorite characters are Thomas the Train and Cookie Monster
Favorite Food is Chex Mix
Favorite phrase..."No Mama No!"
Favorite activity is playing with trucks in the sandbox
Loves to look at books especially if they have pictures of boats, trains or any kind of animal
My favorite things about Andrew are his sweet personality and how he loves to snuggle on the couch with me to read books.
Sam loves to play with Andrew and is glad that he is big enough now to play with him.
Joe loves it when Andrew tackles his brother, apparently he's got some natural talent!
WE love you Andrew!


Kristin said...

Way to go on the cake! Dyl will be so jealous!

Valerie said...

The cake looks awesome!

John and Tessa Croshaw said...

What a cute boy! I can't believe he's 2. The time just flies by. Nice job on the cake too!

Lindsey said...

good job Chari, that cake is amazing! Love the cookie monster towel as well. Too cute!