Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Boy!!!

Today we celebrated Andrew's birthday...

It was a day full of presents, family, his favorite foods, and relatively few tantrums (he IS three afterall, that's about the best we can expect!)

Since Joe's parents live in VA we got on the webcam with them so that they could watch Andrew open the presents that they sent him. It was very fun!

The hardest part was that because of the time change, we had to do it just a little while before church started (that's when they'd be available) so we had to take Andrew away from his fun new toys right after he'd opened them. Cruel, I know. We only had time to get the tracks put together, and then we drug him away, literally!

These next pictures were taken later that night at my parent's house at his "party". My mom made pizza and I provided the cake and ice cream.

As he opened this space shuttle from my mom he said, "It's just what I always wanted!" He was so excited, it was very cute.Here's this year's masterpiece (A.K.A the birthday cake), a special request from the birthday boy, of course!
Of course, Joe had take him to the backyard and try out the new toys! Ela gave it a shot, too!

It was a very fun day and he seemed to enjoy all of the attention. He cried and cried at bedtime because he just didn't want to stop playing! Life is hard when you are three!

Here are a few fun facts about Andrew:
  • his favorite color is red and he likes to point out red things everywhere we go (cars, signs, flowers, strangers clothes in the grocery get the idea!)
  • he LOVES Little Einsteins and would watch the same DVD over and over again all day if I let him!
  • he is a whiz at puzzles
  • he is very fiesty, he may be small but watch out if you get on his bad side!
  • his favorite foods are hot dogs, grapes, turkey sandwiches and bacon
  • he loves to help me do just about anything (cooking, cleaning, yardwork, you name it) as long as we can be doing it together
  • he is our little athlete, very agile and quick on his feet...he loves to tackle Sam, but Sam doesn't always think that it is such a fun game!
  • he is very affectionate and loves to snuggle with me still, lately he's been coming to snuggle with me each morning before I get up, and I can't say that I mind!


Lori said...

Such a darling family~and such a good mom! Loved the Einstein cake :-)

Suze said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Mitchal Anne said...

I love your blog,such adorable children!

Lindsey said...

Awesome cake!! What a fun birthday :)

Reid Family said...

Happy late b-day! Looks like you all had a blast!!! Great job on the cake!!! we are fan's of that show too! Hope you guys are doing well!