Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Great Outdoors

We went camping last weekend with my family and had a blast! It was a campground that we hadn't been to before and it was great! I don't have much time to write about it, but here are a bunch of pictures!

Waiting out the rain...Joe took the kids to the tent to play Uno!

They did their best to canoe down the river...
...but there was a lot of this in the shallow parts...
...and then they'd be off again!

Joe wanted to play volleyball so bad, so we made it happen! (It wasn't as dark as these pictures make it look...)

The creation of "Andrew Rock". Joe started making this rock sculpture and since it was the same size as Andrew, they put a face on it and gave it a name!

Abby and Grandpa, she loves a good fistful of hair to yank on!
(Side note: that sweatshirt is one that all three kids have worn and we have almost identical pics of all three on Grandpa's shoulders wearing it. I have to do a double take everytime I see this picture to tell if it's Andrew or Abby!)

"Don't even think about touching my chips!"

Even though we woke up to rain both mornings, it was great trip! There's just something magical about taking the kids camping, I'm glad we got to do it and I was glad to come home!

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Sh'Nell said...

That looked like so much fun!