Friday, February 18, 2011

Just doing his job!

Joe pulled out the camera the other night to take some pictures/video of Abby because she was being silly. She, of course, stopped as soon as she saw the camera. But, Sam saw the camera out and came to get in on some of the action. He kept jumping into the picture at the last moment and posing with Abby.

Finally, Joe said, "Sam, what are you doing, I'm trying to get a picture of Abby?"

Sam answered, very matter-of-factly, "Dad, I'm just making the picture cuter!"

Apparently, he knows his job and he's very good at it!


Melanie said...

That is AWESOME! What an awesome kid.

Michelle said...

that is hilarious!! he is one cute kid, but so are your others!!!!

mj said...

What a adorable kids you have. They are both cute and awesome.

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Anhelo* said...

very good ;]