Friday, June 3, 2011

A Historic First....I'm Sure!

Joe took Sam to a real (par 3) golf course to have his first experience with golf. He had tried to show him the basics in our backyard after he got the clubs for his birthday, but Sam was never very interested. But, when came down to actually GOING to a golf course, just him and Daddy, that sounded like fun! Apparently, he got a pretty frustrated at the beginning and only made it through the first one and a half holes. Then he decided that he was done....or maybe just taking a break. At about the fourth hole Joe remembered that he hadn't taken any pictures, so he talked him into trying again so that he could get a couple of shots. On that hole he had a great shot and that got him really excited and finished off the nine holes! He ended up having a great time and came home SOOOO excited about it. Here's a couple shots, Joe happened to get his "best hit" on video...we'll see if I can get it to load here...but don't hold your breath. Here are the pictures...

As Joe says, it was a historic day because he is, of COURSE, going to be the next golf prodigy. Even if 6 is a little late to be getting started :-)

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