Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh yah, and I had a birthday :-)

That's right I turned the big 3-0 last month :-). As always, Joe made it a great day. We started off the day by opening presents (what better way to start a birthday?). The kids are always sooo excited about birthdays, they helped decorate the living room with balloons and streamers (although you can't see them in the these shots...) They also get very excited about things they have not clue what they the cake decorating tools that I got.

One thing that Joe did this year that I thought was very fun, was talk to the boys and have them each pick out something specific that they wanted to give me. He didn't prompt them or give them ideas. Sam wanted to get me lipstick and Andrew choose and shiny necklace. I thought it was very special and I really appreciated it.

After the presents, we dropped the kids off at my parents and went out for breakfast and shopping. Joe really dislikes shopping, so spending three hours shopping was a HUGE deal.

Later on that night, Danny and Jessi came and babysat for us while we out to dinner with some friends. It was a fun evening, we don't go out with friends often enough so that made it especially fun! We came home and watched a movie (some sort of chick flick, I think, can't remember now). It was a fun day and I felt spoiled, thanks honey!

One other funny thing that I thought I'd mention. For several weeks leading up to and after my birthday the kids made it a point to tell EVERYONE that we talked to that I was turning/just turned 30. We're talking about random people at the park, grocery store employees, people at church...basically anyone they talked to. Yep, that was fun, I got a kick out of it and they were so excited to tell people!


Melanie said...

How exciting. Happy birthday. I, too, turned 30 last month. Man, are we ever getting old. :)

I'm glad you had a super day. It sounds like a ton of fun.

Lindsey said...

Happy belated Birthday Chari!! We now are all apart of the 30 club :) I'm glad you had such a great day!

Breanna said...

Sounds like such a great day!!! I love seeing moms get good birthdays. :)