Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome Baby Nora!!

We have a new cousin in our family! My brother and his wife welcomed a new baby girl to their family about a week ago. They came by to visit this week so that we could meet their new little one...and Abby couldn't have been happier! She wanted to hold the baby the whole time. It was very cute! When I got a turn to hold Nora, abby kept bringing her blankies and toys from her bedroom to share. She even went in and made her some "dinner" at her play kitchen. When she did get to hold her, she took the job very seriously, she would not smile for the pictures!

She kept rubbing her cheek against her head and saying, "Oh, she's soft....she's so cute!"

 She's going to be quite the big sister! The boys were also excited to hold the new baby, but their interest was much shorter lived. Andrew was especially interested in her ears. He was convinced that she couldn't hear very well because her ears were so small! Congrats to Danny and  Jessi!

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