Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Bat-boy!

Andrew is 5!!!

 He had a very fun batman themed birthday! At our house, we open presents starting in the morning and then throughout the day so that they have a chance to play with and enjoy each thing before digging into the next package, so here are some shots of his early morning gifts...

You'd never know it from this picture, but Andrew was sooooo excited about this set, he's been wanting it for months and G & G Lodge came through for him! That's his excited face...

 Another excited face...he really did like his presents, I promise!

For lunch he requested Dairy Queen because, in his expert opinion, they have the "best hot dogs in a bun." :-)

For dinner, he requested his favorite: grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. I love easy birthday dinners, no complaints from this mom! After dinner we headed to Chuck E. Cheese where we would celebrate with family and Andrew's favorite friend from church. Always a fun time! Andrew found one game that he was really good at and came away with a record number of tickets that night, it was pretty exciting for him! Here's some shots of the cake and presents that we saved for the "party".

This huge Batman was from G&G Olson, it's about the same size as Abby!

Danny and Joe chatting...probably talking about Danny's first few days of Med School!

It was a great birthday. Since we only do friend parties on the even birthdays, this year was way less crazy and hectic!

Here are some tid-bits about Andrew at 5 years old:
  • Favorite color is red (but he says he loves all the colors except GIRL colors like pink and purple)
  • he loves to build legos and is very good at following instructions by himself
  • he has taught himself to read and has a great headstart on kindergarten
  • he loves science books, especially ones about dinosaurs and space
  • when he grows up he wants to be a builder (he and Sam plan to go into business together), an artist, an astronaut, a scientist and a daddy.
  • he has a great sense of humor and cracks us up with his silly jokes and cute laugh
  • he loves to help me with things around the house, especially dishes and cooking
I am so grateful that we have Andrew in our family. Love you buddy!

And, just because I was pleased with how it turned out, here's a couple more shots of the cake I made...

...thanks for your help Breanna!

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