Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Camping Trip

This weekend we took a fun camping trip with Danny and Jessi and their family. The kids and I headed up earlier in the day on Thursday with D & J to claim a spot and Joe came up later after he got off work. It was quite a scene with two nursing babies, the boys riding their scooters around like madmen, Abby "practicing" on her little port-a-potty, Ollie walking around hitting trees with sticks and Danny trying to get two tents set up! Luckily, Danny enlisted Sam's help and was able to get the tents up while I got the fire started to cook dinner. Joe showed up just in time to cook a hot dog over the fire.
Here's a shot of the two newest little campers. They did pretty well out in the elements!

I think that Sam was showing us how strong he was to prove that he could help Danny with the tents :)

Believe it or not, this picture was taken in the first hour or so after we arrived, and Ollie was already covered in dirt!

Abby was so excited to make a smore with the humongous marshmallow...eating it turned out to be quite a trick!
Andrew didn't see the point of cooking the marshmallows, they are so much easier to eat straight out of the bag!

This baby moose made a couple of appearances throughout the weekend. Once it walked directly behind our tent while I was napping with the girls. It was so close! Joe never got to see it though, he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Here's Abby's favorite picture face. Everytime I pulled out the camera, she automatically made this face!

Joe love playing with the fire!

Like father, like son!

This was the next morning, all bundled up before the sun was up enough to warm us up!

 On Friday we drove to a spot where we could hike to some waterfalls. We'd been there before but of course the kids didn't remember it so it was like a whole new adventure! Here we are setting out on the hike...

...On the trail.

Once we got to the first waterfall we stopped to play in the water for a few minutes.


 Here's a family shot

Danny and Jessi's family

It was a fun and very dirty camping trip. It's always amazing how dirty kids get when they are camping! Grandpa Olson came up on Friday evening and spent the second night with us. There's just something special about being out in nature with family. I love it. We get to find whole new ways of entertaining ourselves like poking the fire, throwing rocks in the river, hide and seek in the forest and just taking walks around the campground. I love being out there, but I also love coming home and taking a shower!

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