Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Home Evenings

We've been trying really hard to have regular Family Home Evenings, some weeks it's easier than others. It usually consists of a story from the Friend or we tell a scripture story using the Gospel Art Kit, with a couple songs and prayers, and then a treat. Some weeks we do a game. Some of Sam's favorites are Ring Around the Rosie, Duck Duck Goose, and Red Light Green Light. If you can picture that with just the three of us, it's pretty amusing! Especially Duck Duck Goose. Sam doesn't get the concept of someone else being the goose, so whenever we say goose he just gets up and starts running in a circle around where we used to be sitting, we usually end up in a dogpile. Last week we made chocolate chip cookies for treats and this is a picture of the boys when they were done eating them. That's what I'd call some pretty happy boys!

So if anyone has some great ideas about what to do for FHE with preschoolers, I'm always looking to switch things up and try something new, let me know what you're doing!

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Ryan & Angela Spear said...

We bought that blue box full of churchy pictures from the distribution center to use for FHE. It totally works. We sing songs, then do a quick lesson on one of the pictures. Simple and keeps the kids attention. But we sing more than anything else it seems like. I think sing time is even longer than lesson time.