Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!

Sam had a great birthday and got to do lots of fun things throughout the day. We had a little party in the morning with some of his friends (most of them were related to him). We decorated the living room and dining room with balloons and streamers after he went to bed the night before so it was ready for him when he got up at 5:50 the next morning. He came and got me out of bed and took me to the living room and said, "Wow, it's party!!" He was so excited!

I made him his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes, for breakfast. We ate under a chandelier of balloon which added to the festive mood...but made it a little hard for conversation!
The thing Sam talked about the most in the days leading up to his birthday was the cake. He wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. He helped me by sampling the frosting and putting on the candy decorations. We made three small cakes with three of his favorite chocolate treats. The boy is a choco-holic! (I have no idea who he could've gotten that from...)

Sam and Dylan (second cousins) waiting anxiously for the cake and candles to be delivered.

Joe has been busy building a sandbox as a surprise for Sam and he loves it! Here it is filled with some of the toys he got for it. Thanks everyone!

Joe's parents bought the boys (combo gift for both of their birthdays) this bike trailer. We don't have a bike for me yet, but Joe took them for a spin around the block a couple of times to try it out and it was hit. The only problem was that Sam wasn't thrilled with Andrew invading his space, Andrew, on the other hand was thrilled to be sitting so close to his big brother! It will make for lots of fun family trips this summer, I'm sure!


Amy said...

How fun! we hava a bike trailer and love it! We will have to go together sometime. There cakes were so cute I loved how small they were. Thanks again for your help with the breakfast it was much appreciated.

Heather said...

Chari--look at you being all cute, making cakes!!!! I love the very top picture that you have on. Wow what amazing eyes. And happy birthday to sam!!!!!

Kristin said...

Yay! i love the pics! I need one of those bike trailers...looks so fun! I might need to coome to you for decoration ideas for dyl's birthday the house looked great!

Kelly said...

Great idea with the 3 little cakes! They turned out really cute! Happy Birthday to Sam!