Thursday, May 27, 2010

He's A Whole Handful!!!

Sam is now five year's old, I can't believe it! A few days before his birthday, he was talking to my mom and she pointed out (while counting the fingers on her hand) that once he's five, he'll be a whole hand. Apparently, that stuck in his mind. On his birthday, whenever someone asked how old he is now (and that happened a lot since he insisted on wearing his birthday crown from primary EVERYWHERE) he would reply while holding up his hand, " I'm a whole handful!" It was very cute!

Sunday night, the day before his actual b-day we had my family and some friends over for a BBQ. The sun peeked through a few times, but it was mostly pretty cold!

Here's some of the kids during dinner...Sam, Ela, Andrew and Molly
Funny story about the cake, he told me that he wanted a robot cake so I got online to find some ideas. I showed him the cute things that I'd found to see which one he like best. He just shook his head and said that he wanted Dance-A-Lot Robot. Who? I found out it is a character on Playhouse Disney. So, after some research I designed this cake...

Sam with his Dance-A-Lot Robot cake.

He got this "dragon castle" from G&G Lodge and it was an instant hit with all the kids!

For breakfast on his big day we made an 'S' shaped chocolate chip pancake. Notice he is still wearing his primary crown!

This is his main present from us!

For dinner, we let him choose where he wanted to eat and of course we ended up at McDonalds!

As always, birthdays at our house go on for several days! On Tuesday, day 3 of birthday celebrations, he brought treats to preschool...Brownies with chocolate chips!

Fun Facts about Sam:

favorite color- yellow

favorite foods- chicken nuggets, sausage pizza and ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!!

He loves reading books and is getting really good at his letters and sounding things out. He is a great big brother to Abby and Andrew. He is very sweet and likes to give people compliments. He LOVES to sing, especially primary songs, and is very good at it.

He is a very special boy and I'm so lucky to have him as a my son! Love you Sam!

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