Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day challenge....

I was talking to some friends this week about Mother's day and was surprised to find out that for them it is one of the worst days of the year! I was shocked and confused. They went on to explain how by the end of the day, they are sick of hearing about how great other mom's are and are feeling lousy about how they are doing as a mom. I was really sad to hear that and it made me start to think.

I think that we should all give ourselves a gift this Mother's day...don't do that to yourself! Use this day to honor and show our love to the wonderful mom's in our lives, not to focus on our shortcomings or compare ourselves to others. It's about our mom's, it's not about us. We should enjoy the love from our kids and turn around and do the same for our moms/mother-in-laws/grandmas.

Hope that we can all have a good mother's day!


Suze said...

Happy Mothers Day ! Hope to see you soon and meet that little cutie of yours :)

Melanie said...

Such an inspired idea. Thanks for that!