Friday, September 2, 2011

My big 4 year old!

Life is so busy and moving so fast, I just wanted to take a minute to write down what Andrew was like at 4 years old!

Andrew is...


...very opinionated, he knows what he wants and usually how to get it!

...great buddies with Sam and Abby adores him. He's really learning to show his love by doing nice things, especially to his little sister, it's very cute! Artist. He loves to color and draw pictures and is very good at it. I have had several people at church comment on his ability and focus whenever he is drawing. He's been known to make his sunbeams class late to primary because he's not done with the picture he was drawing in class!

...very excited to play soccer for the first time this fall. Grandma got him the gear that he'll need for his birthday and he has been practicing!

...often found wearing a costume around the house (and other places if he can get away with it.) More often then not, he's wearing a combination of SEVERAL costumes! For example, he might wear his Robin costume with several various capes, a pirate hat, spiderman mask and carrying a light saber, you get the idea!

...very sweet and sensitive.

Andrew is a wonderful kid who keeps me on my toes. I'm so glad to have him as part of our family...Love you Andrew!

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