Tuesday, October 11, 2011

At the Farm

Andrew and Joe went on a fun preschool fieldtrip to Carver's Farm. Fieldtrips are always fun, but it was especially exciting that Daddy got to go on this one! Here's Andrew in the cornmaze and holding his "colorful" corn on the cob.

Here's the group as the got instructions at the pumpkin patch. Notice there are three little boys (Andrew is one of them) in yellow shirts with no coats? Well, those were the three that were in Joe's car :-) Apparently, he was a little distracted when loading them up at school and forgot one little detail...coats! It was a very cold day, too! The kids survived and all the mom's got a chuckle out of it, not all that surprised based on their husband's behavior. One of my friend's (who was not there but heard about it from the teacher at her child's fieldtrip the following day) commented that at least he didn't forget any of the kids!

On the hayride...notice he now has a sweatshirt! Joe went back to the van and found some sweatshirts that were stashed away, but the other two boys didn't want to wear them. In all fairness, one of them was for Abby and it was bright pink, so I can't really blame the kid! 

Here's Andrew selecting a pumpkin...not quite sure what that face was all about :-)

Just playing around with some friends! 

Andrew came home with several pumpkins and gourds and made sure to share them with his brother and sister. They were very excited that he brought things home for them and he was obviously pleased that they appreciated his gifts. It was very cute!

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