Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

With Halloween on a Monday this year, it managed to stretch out into an entire weekend of activities. The result: WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!! But, it was lots of fun and the kids all looked cute in their costumes!
Friday night we had a dinner followed by a Trunk or Treat at church. It was so packed! Plus, since the weather was cold, rainy and windy, the candy gathering was reassigned from the parking lot to the hallways. It was craziness! Our church building is U-shaped instead of a complete circle, so as kids got to the end of the hall, they had no choice but to turn around and get smashed with the rest of crowd of candy gatherers (young and not so young!) I was glad that I was standing in one place handing out candy and Joe took the kids around!

Here's some picture of the kids in costume just as we were leaving for the church party...

Here's a shot of the boys in the "costume parade"

Saturday was of course taken up by soccer games and pumpkin carving (see previous page).

Monday was the actual holiday and was jam-packed with activities. I was in charge of the party in Sam's classroom so I was very busy leading up to that getting all of the last-minute details figured out. As always with his parties, I brought the camera but was too busy to remember to pull it out and take pictures! Right after that, we hurried home and go the other two in their costumes and headed to Joe's work. They invited the families to come and go trick-or-treating from office to office and then they had treats in the breakroom. It was fun and Joe got to show off the kids in their cute costumes.

After that, we headed straight to my brother's house. We had dinner with my family and then headed out in a group to hit our favorite neighborhood on the South Hill. The cousins love going together! Here's a shot of them together before we left. We're missing one cousin from the shot, but Ollie and his parents caught up with us later :-)
 I think this was the first door that we went to, Sam is probably being picky and making sure that he gets something that he likes!

We were off to a good start and then....the battery on the camera died! Oh well, it was a fun night. They lasted way longer than last year and got way too much candy. We were all exhausted by the time we called it quits and headed home. It was a great Halloween!

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