Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Time!

Today we carved our pumpkins for Halloween. The kids are always excited about this, except when it comes to actually getting their hands dirty! They can't stand cleaning "the slime" out of the pumpkins. So, it usually turns into a mommy/daddy job with the kids looking on and occasionally picking up a stray seed or two.

Andrew, our little artist, was very careful to draw out his design ahead of time so that we knew exactly what he had in mind.
Here's how it turned out... 

Sam, with his huge pumpkin. He always like to pick out the biggest one he can find!

 Abby, showing us the face that her pumpkin is making!

The finished product...

Sadly, this is the last we saw of Abby's little pumpkin. Sometime between lighting them before the kids went to bed and going out an hour or two later to put out the candles before we went to bed, her little pumpkin was kidnapped! The kids were pretty sad about it when they found out in the morning. We never found any "remains" in the street, we even drove around some looking for it, but no luck. So sad!

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