Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting in the Holiday spirit!

We have been getting VERY excited for Christmas around our house! Here's some pictures to show a few things we've been up to...

Sam found this Santa hat and decided "dress up" as Jolly 'ol Saint Nick. The beard is made out of paper and taped to his cheeks :-) 

The Sunday after Thanksgiving we pulled out the tree and ornaments. They love to decorate and look at each ornament as they come out of the boxes. It's always a little more stressful for me with so many little hands grabbing for the potentially breakable ornaments. But, this year I was the official ornament-hander-outer and it proved to be a much happier experience all around!

These are the Christmas jammies that Grandma Olson made for them. They got to decorate the T-shirts at Grandma's house on Thanksgiving. So fun!!!

We also had a new Christmas guest show up this year as we got our own Elf on the Shelf who the kids named Jingle. We're excited to see what sort of mischief Jingle will get into!

Merry Christmas!

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